Some successful offsprings from the Stud


Balzac (SWB): Sire: Happy Day 650, Dam: Monamie (33). Grand Prix Dressage horse. Exported to the United States

La Femme (33) (SWB): Sire: Good Future 741, Dam: Monamie (33). Exported to Great Britain

Good Enough (SWB): Sire: Good Future 741, Dam: Chantelle. Placement in the final for 5 year old Young Horses at the Breeders Trophy. Competed Intermediate I dressage.

Golden Gate (SWB): Sire: Goldlöwe 767, Dam: Chantelle. Winner of 4 year old Championship in show jumping.

La Fayette (33) (SWB): Sire: Good Future 741, Dam: Monamie (33). Exported to Norway.

Ellington (SWB): Sire: Eloge 738, Dam: Chanelle. Comepetes Intermidiate II in Dressage.

Nefertite (PRE): Sire: Enamorado XIII, Dam: Icara VII. 11 Champion Titles.

Hercules LXXII (PRE): Sire: Bodeguero XXII, Dam: Caracola XIV. Exported to Norway and has achieved 2 Champion Titles.


Icarlo (PRE): Sire: Bodeguero XXII, Dam: Icara VII. 8 Champion Titles.

Sir Lancelot (SportsPony): Sire: Bodeguero XXII, Dam: Little Lady Laika (NF). Winner of the 5 year old Pony Championships. Third Place at the 6 year old Pony Championships. Exported to Germany.

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