The Stud

The stud, Övrarps Stuteri, was founded in 1985 initially as a Stud Farm. The strategy for our successful breeding is the usage of merited Stallions and Mares. Övrarps Stuteri has provided hundreds of Sport Horses to the market over the years
and we still have contact with a lot of our satisfied customers. Övrarps Stuteri will continue to produce high quality Sport Horses for the global market. Click any link to the left to see our mares, stallions and offsprings.


Therese and Bodeguero XXII


Övrarps Stuteri’s first SWB breeding stallions

Eloge 738
Eloge 738 Sire: Eminent 585 Dam: Sunny 12571
362 offsprings
Royal 71
Royal 724 Sire: Kaliber 574 Dam: Sandra 12201
242 offsprings